The Other Side of the Fence

By Joyce Nowacki




A Historical Novel of Chinese immigrants during the 1880s in the Pacific Northwest

The Lions Club’s decision to pave their parking lot is halted when an old Chinese graveyard is found The discovery surprises everyone except Wong Jie. Her parents are buried there, and it is her wish to join her ancestors when her time comes. Jie is 96-years old, and that may be soon. Molly, her granddaughter, wants to help preserve the cemetery and make Jie’s wish come true. The North Idaho city leaders would rather see a parking lot. Molly and Jie have a fight on their hands as they battle city hall. 

The tales told by Jie to Molly about their ancestors, the Chinese immigrants brought in to help build the Northern Pacific railroad in the 1880s, is richly detailed in this heartwarming, multi-generational story of a people, a family, and a town. 

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