Heritage Landology

Heritage Landology

Rathdrum/Westwood Historical Society is proud to partner with Leslie Rocha, owner and operator of Heritage Landology, a company that specializes in the research of both public and private properties and locations.

Is there something you’d like to know about a piece of Rathdrum, or even your own property? Submit a request today with details and Leslie or the Rathdrum/Westwood Historical Society will get back to you.


Leslie Rocha has over 20 years’ experience as a certified Cartographer/ Geological Information Systems Technician and qualified deed/documentation researcher, with a Cartography designation through the International Association of Assessing Officers in Kansas. Her skills and training also include over 10 years’ experience in historical research involving the Bleeding Kansas era prior to the Civil War, as well as singular projects within the Leavenworth Kansas historical Society.

Her knowledge with property descriptions, and history research has enabled her to assist historical societies, real estate companies, surveyors, appraisers as well as many other institutions in that the need for further background information and details were required.

Heritage Landology is a business created by Leslie Rocha which is committed to a sense of place, by calling to attention how a particular place functioned, how it came to be and putting those features into context to make it mean something. The work provided by Heritage Landology offers a type of “genealogy” for the property, by aiding property owners with further knowledge of their land’s history, or what may have been there, specifics of the house, and details of how past owners impacted the property. The business also strives to provide any specific questions individuals may have regarding the history of communities and events thereof.